Manually Create SWAT Project to use SWAT Viewer

In some research, the SWAT models are created differently. Only the model input files and some of the shapefiles are available. In this case, you could manually create the swat project and use the SWAT viewer. The video will show you how to do that.

Input Conversion Error

Some SWAT users have experienced the input conversion error when running the SWAT model. The video below will show you what causes this error and how to fix it.

Exporting Map to PNG File

It has been requested to export the map to a file. Here it is:) Simply choose the Export Map menu from the map context menu (shown below). The map will be saved to a png file. Enjoy this function with version

Test your customized SWAT model with SWAT Output Viewer

In research, the SWAT source codes are usually modified to add new features or integrate new algorithms. To demonstrate the improvement, it's often required to compare with the official unchanged SWAT model. SWAT Output Viewer supports to quickly compare the SWAT outputs from two different SWAT versions. These two version could be from SWAT team …