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SWAT Output Viewer is a tool to quickly view and analyze the outputs of a SWAT model on-the-fly.  The main features includes:

  • Thematic map for subbasins and reaches to show spatial distribution;
  • Time series graph with ability to compare to observed data;
  • Quick performance statistics against observed data;
  • Quick comparison to observed data and/or outputs from other model engines or scenarios;
  • Selecting SWAT components on map;
  • Ability to work with ArcSWAT, QSWAT and MWSWAT projects;
  • Help functions to run simulation and check model files.

Who could use SWAT Output Viewer

  • Modellers to run simulation, check model performance, export to SWAT-CUP, test customised SWAT version.
  • Project Manager to check the model performance and present model to stakeholders with dynamic map and chart.
  • Stakeholders: understand and check the model to see if it could be used for decision-making.

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SWAT Output Viewer is a by-product of my post-doc research at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in 2013-2014. I was working on model calibration for three watersheds. Had tried few options including VIZSWAT,  I decided to create a tool to quickly view and analyze the model outputs without producing lots of extra files (e.g. Excel files).

The design principle for this tool is simple, fast, effective and of course free. All the functions are designed to serve the modelers to help make the model calibration (manually or automatic) process easier. The tool provides various ways to view the outputs with a single click. All the operations are on-the-fly. No extra files are generated.

After the tool is developed, I found it’s also a good presentation tool. Any results could be displayed in a second upon request. This is important as you will never know which part of the results people want to see. I frequently use this tool in my report meeting and people love it.

It’s also a good tool to quickly review the model submit by others. Reviewers will not be limited to the summary results given in the reports. They could use this tool to find more information about the model. Due to the same reason, it will also make the model more useful as the use of tool doesn’t require deep understanding of SWAT model structure.

I’m now working and living at Vaughan, Ontario, Canada. You could find more about me on my LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/zhqiangyu and another WordPress Blog at http://zhiqiangyu.wordpress.com/. I’m not doing SWAT modelling for now but will be more than happy to collaborate with you on any SWAT-related projects.

Hope you find this tool helpful for your work.



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Integrate Modeled SWAT Version in Action

The basic processes to make the modified SWAT version work with SWAT Output Viewer has been covered in previous video. Many users wants to have a more detailed, step-by-step tutorial video so they could follow along to compile the viewer-compatible version themselves. So here it is. Software Required Source Tree to clone GitHub repository and merge …


You could reach me at swatoutputviewer@gmail.com or use the form below.