News (2020-05-19): The map legend is available now. You could view and customize the map legend. More details.

News: The Youtube Channel for the SWAT Viewer is online now. Please feel free to subscribe and give comments.

SWAT Output Viewer is a tool to quickly view and analyze the outputs of a SWAT model on-the-fly.  The main features includes:

  • Thematic map for subbasins and reaches to show spatial distribution;
  • Time series graph with ability to compare to observed data;
  • Quick performance statistics against observed data;
  • Quick comparison to observed data and/or outputs from other model engines or scenarios;
  • Selecting SWAT components on map;
  • Ability to work with ArcSWAT, QSWAT and MWSWAT projects;
  • Help functions to run simulation and check model files.

Who could use SWAT Output Viewer

  • Modellers to run simulation, check model performance, export to SWAT-CUP, test customised SWAT version.
  • Project Manager to check the model performance and present model to stakeholders with dynamic map and chart.
  • Stakeholders: understand and check the model to see if it could be used for decision-making.