A tool to quickly view and analyze outputs from a SWAT model

Understand and present your model with dynamic thematic maps.

Run simulation with multiple engines including customized version. The result files are saved in the same scenario folder without creating other copies. This significantly simplifies the data management.

Compare with another simulation engine and scenario with ease.

Integrate monitoring data for model calibration. The data is imported once and used for all scenarios. It supports flow, TSS, TN and TP in daily, monthly and yearly interval.

Quick performance statistics and visual time
series comparison for model calibration. 

Compatible with ArcSWAT, QSWAT and MWSWAT projects

Used by

Who could use SWAT Output Viewer


Run simulation, check model performance, present results and compare scenarios and model engines.

Project Managers

Check the model performance and present model to stakeholders with dynamic map and chart


understand and check the model to see if it could be used for decision-making


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