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Map Legend is here!

Map legend is finally here! It’s located just below the variable list. It also allows to configure the colors. Simply double-click the legend and the

Tutorial #3: Load Observed Data

Observed data could be loaded to SWAT Output Viewer to be compared with the simulation results evaluate the model performance. This video talked about how

Tutorial #2: Run Simulation

The SWAT model is ready to run after opened in SWAT Viewer. There are two options for the simulation run: simulation engine and output time


QSWAT and MWSWAT is very similar in terms of interface design although they are programmed with different programming languages and in different GIS platform. In

Tutorial #1: Open SWAT Project

Most of the SWAT users use ArcSWAT, QSWAT or MWSWAT to create their models. The SWAT projects created with these tools could be opened directly

SWAT Output Spatial Visualizaiton

There are many ways to see SWAT outputs. Spatial visualization shows the model results on a map. It will clearly show how the selected results

Compare SWAT Versions in SWAT Viewer

A great thing about SWAT is that it’s open source. The algorithms could be modified to best fit the study areas. For a modified version,

Model Structure of SWAT Project

SWAT projects created by ArcSWAT and QSWAT shares the same structure. In this video, I talked about the structure and how the SWAT Viewer use

Input Conversion Error

Some SWAT users have experienced the input conversion error when running the SWAT model. The video below will show you what causes this error and

Exporting Map to PNG File

It has been requested to export the map to a file. Here it is:) Simply choose the Export Map menu from the map context menu

Switch Time for Thematic Map

The thematic map in SWAT Output Viewer is able to show data of three summary types: single time step, annual and average annual. For single

Export Annual Result to CSV File

Some research focus on the nutrient load at the outlet. An annual load table would be helpful. With SWAT Output Viewer, the table could be exported

SWAT Bug in Reading CHM file

SWAT Bug in Reading CHM fileIf you are dealing with more than 6 soil layers, be cautious on the water quality outputs. A bug in

Default CN2 in MGT

A default CN2 is defined in mgt file as shown in following examples. 49.00 | CN2: Initial SCS CN II value Question 1: Where does

SWAT Changes from Rev 622 to Rev 627

Updates July 17,2014: The SWAT Team had confirmed that prf_bsn should be real rather than integer. It would probably be fixed in next release. SWAT is updated

SWAT Makefile Updated – Ignore Underflow

The SWAT Makefile is updated again. Underflow flag is removed to get same results as official SWAT. Download Link Makefile Generator, Debug Makefile, Release Makefile

Manually Install ArcSWAT

Quick Download Link Extract Installation File ArcGIS 9.3: Register, Unregister ArcGIS 10.0 and higher: Register, Unregister Note: The bat file needs to be saved in

ArcSWAT Structure – Developer View

ArcSWAT is the standard SWAT interface which is used by most of the modelers. Knowing its structure would help understand what’s going on under each

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