SWAT Makefile Updated – Stop running when overflow happens.

Note: This version is updated in next post SWAT Makefile Updated – Ignore Underflow, where underflow flag is removed.

The Makefile published in previous blog Makefile – Compile SWAT using gfortran without modification is updated. It’s highly recommended to update.

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  1. More gfortran flags are added to make sure the SWAT will stop running when errors happen.

In previous version, SWAT would ignore all the errors (e.g. overflow) and run to the end. It’s impossible to know if there are some errors. For some cases, the results are not safe to use.

The official SWAT would stop whenever an error happens and give where the error comes from. It’s the right way to compile SWAT.

In gfortran, the flag -ffpe-trap could used to do this work. The following command flag is added to the Makefile, which would stop the program whenever invalid, zero, overflow or underflow happens.


  1. rm command is used to replace del command in the clean target.

The del command could only be called from cmd.exe. Eclipse don’t know where is this command and would fail to clean the project.

rm.exe comes along with MSYS in MinGW (package mingw-developer-toolkit and msys-base) and is usually located at C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\bin. Adding this location to the PATH variable in Windows setting or Eclipse project setting would allow Eclipse to call this function when “Clear Project” is used.

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