ArcSWAT Bug – Index was outside the bounds of the array.: IN, mWriteInputFiles.sol.


  • ArcSWAT 2012.10.15
  • SSURGO Soil Database is used
  • Following error message is given when running Create Tables


When generation sol table, ArcSWAT would do following work.

  1. Get all unique soil IDs from hrus table in project database.
  2. Create a new table (tbSoilList) in SSURGO database (which is usually located in C:\Swat\ArcSWAT\Databases\SWAT_US_SSURGO_Soils.mdb) and copy all soil IDs into this table.
  3. Find soil parameter for each soil ID from table SSURGO_Soils.
  4. Write the soil parameter into sol table.

The error message comes from Step 4. ArcSWAT doesn’t check the case when the soil ID couldn’t be found in SSURGO_Soils table. In that case, the returned soil parameter will be an empty array. When trying to read the first element of this array, it would give an error message shown above.


Check soil shapefile/grid to make sure all soil IDs have been defined in SSURGO_Soils table. And redo the Land Use/Soil/Slope Definition.

Note: This should also work for other soil options (user soil lookup table or STATSGO) and other ArcSWAT version.

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