Tutorial #2: Run Simulation.

The SWAT model is ready to run after opened in SWAT Viewer. There are two options for the simulation run: simulation engine and output time step. The simulation engine could be any of the standard SWAT version or a customized version. The output time step could be daily, monthly or yearly. In SWAT Viewer, these options are available in Scenario View by selecting the scenario in the Project Explorer.

This video covers the process to run a simulation in SWAT Viewer. Also talked about the model output format. The format used in SWAT Viewer make it much easier to post processing the outputs and run and compare different engines on same scenario.

Run a simulation: 00:38

The output format : 7:15

Simulation Options

Simulation Options 2

You have the options to select the engine and the output time step when you run the model.

  • Model Engine: The model engine could be the standard SWAT engines or any customize engines. It’s available from the engine list.
  • Output Time Step: The output time step could be daily, monthly and yearly. There are three button for each time step. It will basically change IPRINT in file.cio.
  • Open Model Files: You may want to make the final touch before you run the simulation. There are few buttons you could use to open specific model files (file.cio, basin.ban and fig.fig) directly. Or you could open the model folder using the Open Model Folder button.

Model Outputs

Result Database

The traditional SWAT model outputs are in multiple files with same names. They will be overwritten after each simulation run. In SWAT Viewer, we want to enable to compare the outputs from different engines on same model. So the model outputs has been changed to single database with unique name so it will not be overwritten by simulation runs using different engines and time steps.

This single database approach also eliminate the need to convert the output files to a database for post-possessing which will save you significant amount of time.

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